About Us

Working with job seekers and businesses to address Snohomish County's employment needs.

Who we are

WorkSource Snohomish County is part of a statewide, One-Stop WorkSource system that connects individuals to employment, education, and community services. The main focus of this system in Snohomish County is to provide excellent services that help job seekers find quality employment and help local businesses find skilled workers.

Statewide, the WorkSource system serves an estimated 170,000 workers and 5,600 businesses annually through a network of more than 60 WorkSource centers, affiliates, and connection sites.

What we do

WorkSource Snohomish County helps individual job seekers access opportunities to put their best foot forward in the job market:

  • Career Exploration, Planning and Training
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume Development
  • Work Experience (such as Apprenticeships or On-the-Job Training)
  • Unemployment Insurance Application Basic Support
    Direct connection to community partners for additional support

WorkSource Snohomish County helps businesses access, maintain, and grow their employee base through:

  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Hiring Events
  • Employee Training and Re-Training
  • Employee Retention and Layoff Prevention
  • Additional Business Resources

WorkSource Snohomish County has a large network of local Community Partners. These partnerships allow WorkSource to provide a more comprehensive and accessible set of services within Snohomish County.