Training & Education

Whether you want to train for a new career or work on getting a certification to advance you on your current pathway, we have resources to help eligible individuals, including:

To find out more and determine your eligibility, call and make an appointment with a WorkSource Employment Specialist or walk into a local WorkSource office today!

*Both on-the-job training and apprenticeships are examples of work-based training; work-based training is a “learn and earn” strategy in which the job seeker becomes employed and earns a wage during the period that they are in training. There is an expectation that the job seeker will be retained upon completion of the work-based training.

**Internships and transitional jobs are both examples of work-based learning; work-based learning is a planned, structured experience in a workplace for a limited period of time to promote the development of good work habits and basic work skills. Work-based learning positions may include Internships, Transitional Jobs, Pre-Apprenticeships, or Job Shadowing/Mentors.