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Employment Troubleshooting Guide
Having difficulty obtaining employment, check out our troubleshooting guide.

Help for Hard Times

Career Bridge
Find the education and training you need to get the job you want.

Demand Decline List

Snohomish County Demand Decline List
The Demand Decline List is a statutorily created list of occupations in Snohomish County that are in demand or decline. This list must be used in the process of approving or disapproving training requests and payments for the following: Office of Administrative Hearings, Unemployment Insurance Funded Training Benefits, Unemployment Insurance, Commissioner Approved for Training, WorkFirst Funded Training and Workforce Investment Act Title I-B Funded Training

Demand Decline List

Writing Cover Letters and Resumes

Follow these guidelines when preparing resumes and cover letters.

Demand Decline List

Resume Power Words

Try to use some of the words in this list to help convey a more positive resume and cover letter.

Help for Hard Times

Help for Hard Times
Unemployment, even temporary, is one of the most difficult experiences to endure, especially if it affects your entire family's income. Knowing where to turn and taking control can reduce the impact.

Self Sufficiency Calculator

Snohomish County Self Sufficiency Calculator
This Calculator includes a variety of resources, including the Self Sufficiency Standard. The Self Sufficiency Standard measures how much income is needed for a family of a given composition - ranging from a one person household to a large family - in a given place, to adequately meet its basic needs without any public or private assistance.

Multicultural guide logo

Snohomish County Multicultural Guide
Snohomish County is a diverse place to live and work! This guide is intended as a tool to support families, providers and others who are interested in exploring the diverse resources available within the community that serve ethnic and linguistically diverse families. This guide not only focuses on service organizations, but also on businesses, churches and other groups that exist within the community. This guide was generously funded with a grant from Snohomish County Department of Developmental Disabilities.